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Where is Rhodesia?

Rhodesia Location Map

How big is Rhodesia?

Map comparing size of England and Rhodesia
Map comparing the size of Texas and Rhodesia

Map comparing the size of NSW and Rhodesia

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Rhodesia showing main towns and communications - 1973
Rhodesia – main towns and communications – 1973
AA Road Map of Rhodesia 1975

Click below for an AA Road Report from the RBC read by Joy Cameron-Dow.

Rhodesia Physical Relief Map 1973 - scale 1:1 000 000
Rhodesia Physical Relief Map 1973 – scale 1:1 000 000
Rhodesia Land Tenure Map 1974 - scale 1:1 000 000
Rhodesia Land Tenure Map 1974 – scale 1:1 000 000
Gazetteer of Rhodesian Place Names based on the above 1:1 000 000 scale maps
Southern Rhodesia 1927 at 1 : 1 000 000 scale.
Southern Rhodesia 1927 at 1 : 1 000 000 scale.
Among points of interest are:
The Pioneer Road is shown as Selous Road after the chief scout who guided the Pioneer Column.
The road to Chirundu and Kariba goes no further than Urungwe and of course Karoi did not then exist.
The site of Beitbridge, which had not yet been built, is between Middle and Main Drift roughly where the BSAP post is located.
Geological Map of Rhodesia 1965 at 1 : 2 500 000 scale
Geological Map of Rhodesia 1965 at 1 : 2 500 000 scale
Map of the Natural Farming Areas of Rhodesia
Map of the Natural Farming Areas of Rhodesia
Soils Map of Rhodesia
Soils Map of Rhodesia


Surface Water Resources Map of Rhodesia
Surface Water Resources Map of Rhodesia
Mean Annual Rainfall Map of Rhodesia
Mean Annual Rainfall Map of Rhodesia



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Cell phone users please use the links below for 250 thou maps:

Beitbridge   Binga   Bulawayo   Bumi Hills   Chipinga

Chiredzi   Copper Queen   Dzivanini   Fort Vic   Gwelo

Hartley   Kamativi   Kariba   Kanyemba    Kazungula   Malvernia

Mana Pools    Mangula   Melsetter   Messina    Mphoengs

Mt Darwin   Mtoko   Nuanetsi   Nyamandhlovu   Plumtree

Que Que   Salisbury   Selukwe   Umtali   Vic Falls   West Nicholson


Rusapi-Inyazura-Odzi at 1:100 000


1:50 000 SERIES

A selection of more detailed maps at 1:50 000 scale.

Bindura  Birchenough Bridge  Bulawayo  Cashel  Chipinga  Chiredzi  Chisumbanje  Fort Victoria

Gwelo  Hot Springs  Inyanga   Inyangani   Juliasdale   Junction Gate (east of Chipinga)

Kariba   Kazungula   Lake McIlwaine   Macheke  Mana Pools  ​Marandellas

Melsetter  Mount Hampden  Mutambara  Nyanyadzi  Odzi   Rusape   Salisbury   Selous

Triangle  Troutbeck   Umtali   Victoria Falls   Vumba & Banti

 Watsomba  ​Worlds View (Matopos)​   Zimunya (south of Umtali)


Commonwealth Scholar, Dr Richard Wood, probably the world’s leading historian on Rhodesian political and military history, has been kind enough to mention that he is a regular user of  the maps on this site.  Those with similar interests may care to know that I have listed several of his books on the Recommended Reading page



1923 map of the Rhodesias showing railway and telegraph lines
1923 map of the Rhodesias showing railway and telegraph lines
Map of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, 1962
Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, 1962


Extract of Salisbury district from  1909 mapping of Rhodesia at 1: 500 000 scale
Extract of Salisbury district from 1909 mapping of Rhodesia at 1: 500 000 scale The above series of maps was compiled in the office of the Surveyor General, Southern Rhodesia and this extract shows clearly the farms established by 1909.
Pioneer Road from 1895 map of Rhodesia at 1 : 1 000 000 scale This map shows both the original pioneer road and the very slightly more direct telegraph line. The site of Beitbridge is between Middle and Main Drift and I have marked it “B B” across the river.
Street Map of Greater Salisbury  1:33 333
Street Map of Greater Salisbury 1:33 333
Rhodesia - Map of Major Dams - 1977
Rhodesia – Major Dams – 1977


Inyanga Tourist Map 1: 63,360 or 1 Inch to 1 Mile
Inyanga Tourist Map 1: 63,360 or 1 Inch to 1 Mile
Ministry of Roads and Road Traffic - Maintenance map 1977/78
Ministry of Roads and Road Traffic – Maintenance 1977/78 This map shows the status of all main roads with distances to the nearest 0,1 km. Sadly it does not include the old strip roads many of which were still in a good state of repair and perfectly usable!

Extracts from two early maps of the Melsetter area.

Melsetter District Map 1895
Melsetter District Map 1895

Melsetter District Map 1900
Melsetter District Map 1900

The maps above from 1895 and 1900, at a scale of 1:1,000,000, show the Eastern District when it was first being opened up.

That from 1895 is probably the first ever large scale map of the area and the “road” made by Thomas Moodie is shown as a single line crossing the Sabi at Moodie’s Drift and the Tanganda at New Year’s Drift before eventually reaching Melsetter Settlement.  At this stage most of the boundary with Portuguese East Africa had not yet finally been agreed.

The second map of the same area and scale shows some changes as at 1900. Notably the building of a road and telegraph line from Umtali to Melsetter village and from there a road to what must then have been an extremely remote BSAP post near where the Mt Selinda Mission was later established.

In 1898 a border agreement with Moçambique had been signed with Portugal at Macequece more or less along present lines. Sadly for Rhodesia in many places the line was to the west of what had been hoped for.  The final, present day, boundary was not finally agreed until late 1940.

The other points of interest on both maps are the descriptions which actually well convey the nature of the land concerned.  That for the area around the Tanganda River between Middle Drift and New Year’s Drift being marked:  “Fine Country well watered”.


Eastern Highlands of Rhodesia 1929 mapping at 1 : 250 000 scale

The above mapping was first published in 1929 with the northern third of the map partially revised for major changes in 1944 and the remaining southern section similarly revised in 1947. Thus the Birchenough Bridge, at the bottom of the map is shown; having been opened just before Christmas 1935. At this stage, although hill features are shown, there were no contours marked.


Rhodesian Maps of Some Neighbouring Countries

AA of Rhodesia Map of Botswana (Bechuanaland)
AA of Rhodesia Map of Botswana (Bechuanaland)

AA of Rhodesia Map of Moçambique / Mozambique
AA of Rhodesia Map of Moçambique / Mozambique

AA of Rhodesia Map of Malawi / Nyasaland
Malawi / Nyasaland

AA of Rhodesia map of South West Africa / Namibia
South West Africa / Namibia

Covane Moçambique 250 thou map east of Chiredzi
Covane Moçambique 250 thou map east of Chiredzi

Mabote Moçambique 250 thou map east of Malvernia
Mabote Moçambique 250 thou map east of Malvernia

Map of the Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland showing main centres and lines of communication.


Copies of Maps

I have had a number of requests for copies of various maps.  I have had my own originals of these maps professionally scanned on a large format scanner (at no little expense!) so that I can present what you see on my web site.  The original scans are not available for sale. Most of the maps posted on the site are of a fairly high resolution and can be downloaded and should print reasonably well. However they would require a large format printer to print from. If you could find such a printer nearby, you would do best simply to download the map and ask them to print it but that might not be cheap for a one off.  Although, if you would be happy with A3 size, you could probably find an A3 size printer fairly easily and this might not be too costly. My other suggestion, for those who seek a good quality printed map of Rhodesia, is that you consider obtaining a copy of the Land Tenure Map an example of which you can see near the top of this page.

The Rhodesian Services Association, based in New Zealand, has had a batch of the land tenure maps printed at a reasonable cost. This map is very colourful and was used widely throughout Rhodesia.  If you click on my example, you will see the amazing amount of detail shown.

Only $60 NZ.  I think it will most likely be sent rolled in a tube. This what they say:
“This is a wonderful reproduction from an old [1977] map. It shows in detail the areas of European farming, TTL, APA, forest, National Park, rivers etc. This has been produced from a high grade scan and is far better quality and value than a similar item on the market. Measures 740mm x 670mm.”  And this is where to buy it:—maps.htm

If you decide to buy one, please do mention my name or web site – although I get no commission!


The Major Tribal Groupings in Rhodesia

with approximate percentage of African population.

      Tribe                                Percentage                           No. of  Chiefs
                        NDEBELE ORIENTATED TRIBES
1.    Ndebele                                   14%                                   44
2.    Kalanga                                     5%                                     3
                      SHONA ORIENTATED TRIBES
3.    Rozwi                                        9%                                   20
4.    KoreKore                                 12%                                  20
5.    Zezuru                                     18%                                   22
6.    Manyika                                  13%                                     9
7.    Karanga                                   22%                                   35
8.    Ndau                                         3%                                    11
9.    Tonga                                        2%                                    27
10.  Venda                                        1%                                      6
11.  Shangaan                                   1%                                     5


African Tribes and Languages of Rhodesia 1964

African Tribes and Languages of Rhodesia 1964

(See below for Classification used)

For details: click below and then again


Place Name Changes

Quite a number of original Rhodesian names still appear on various current maps, however, to assist future readers in locating Rhodesian towns, rivers and dams on present day online maps etc. the following is a list of some of the more important name changes which were made from 1983. They are shown sorted first by original name and then by new name.


Sorted by original name
Original New
Balla Balla Mbalabala
Banket Lower Mujeni
Belingwe Mberengwa
Bembesi Mbembesi
Bhebe Dam Bhebbe
Biriwiri Piriviri
Bubye Bubi
Bulalima-Mangwe Bulilimamangwe
Centenary Muzarabani
Chakara Chikara
Chibi Chivi
Chibvi Dip Chibvi
Chigoma Dam Chingoma
Chilimanzi Chirumanzu
Chimandhu Dam Chimhandu
Chimwemwe Dam Muneni
Chinyauwhera Chinyauhera
Chipfika Dam Chipfiko
Chipinga Chipinge
Darwendale Dam Manyame
Dett Dete
Dewure PL Devure
Dutchman’s Dam Lower Zivagwe
Eben Dam Mupfurudzi
Enkeldoorn Chivhu
Esquilingwe Weir Nyajena
Essexvale Esigodini
Fort Victoria Masvingo
Frogmore Dam Upper Ruya
Gatooma Kadoma
Gulamalaka Dam Chinakwa
Gwaai Gwai
Gwelo Gweru
Hartley Chegutu
Henry Hallam Dam Harava
Hunyani Poort Dam Chivero
Hunyani River Manyame
Ingezi Ngezi
Ingwezi Dam Ingwesi
Inyanga Nyanga
Inyati Inyathi
Inyazura Nyazura
Kanyongore Dam Kanyongoro
Khami Dam Khame
Kyle Dam Mutirikwi
Lesapi Dam Rusape Dam
Lomagundi Makonde
Lower Gwelo Manyame
Lower Impali Dam Shurugwi (dam)
Lower Maynard Weir Chirudzani
Lower Seigneury Weir Angler’s Rest
Lower Umgusa Dam Lower Mgusa
Lundi Runde
Lute Dam Luthi
Maleme Dam Lower Maleme
Mamanda Dam Mamande
Mangula Mhangura
Manyeni TTL Manyene
Marandellas Marondera
Maranke TTL Marange
Mare Dam Nyangwe
Mashaba Mashava
Matopos Matobo
Mawuto Mauto
Mayfair Dam Insiza
Mazoe Mazowe
Melsetter Chimanimani
Miami Mwami
Mphoengs Mphoeng
Mrewa Murewa
Msengezi PL Musengezi
Mtali Dam Mutora
Mtepatepa Mutepatepa
Mtilikwe TTL Mutirikwi
Mtoko Mutoko
Mtorashanga Mutorashanga
Mtsheleli Dam Mutsheleli
Mufundisi Dam Mfundisi
Mvurwi Suoguru
Mzarabani TTL Muzarabani
Mzinyatini Mzinyathini
Mzolo Mzola
Narira Nharira
Ndhlumbi Ndlumbi
Ngungunyane Ngungunyana
Nkai Nkayi
Nuanetsi Mwenezi
Nyamatara Nyamutora
Nyamunga Nyamhumga
Palawan Dam Ngezi
Poole Dam Dziva
Prince Edward Dam Seke (dam)
Purdon Dam Saunyami
Que Que Kwekwe
Quested Dam Bulilima
Range Dam Chikomba
Rhodes Dam Nyanga (dam)
Rixon Dam Upper Insiza
Sabi Save
Sabi North TTL Save
Salisbury Harare
Seki (TTL) Seke
Selukwe Shurugwi
Shabani Zvishavane
Shabani Weir Zvishavane Weir
Sikiro Dam Svikiro
Sinoia Chinhoyi
Sipolilo Guruve
Somabula Somabhula
Three Sisters Dam Upper Maleme
Tiyabenzi Dam Shangani
Tjolotjo Tsholotsho
Tobgwe Dam Tongwe
Tuli Thuli
Udu Valley Dam Udu
Umfuli River Mupfure
Umgululu Dam Mgululu
Umhlanga Dam Mhlanga
Umniati River Munyati / Sanyati
Umtali Mutare
Umvukwes Mvurwi
Umvuma Mvuma
Umzingwane Dam Mzingwane
Urungwe Hurungwe
Victoria (district) Masvingo
Vila Salazar Sango
Wankie Hwange
Wozhele 1 (dam) Hozheri 1
Wozhele 2 (dam) Hozheri 2
Zawi Zave


Sorted by new name
New Original
Angler’s Rest Lower Seigneury Weir
Bhebbe Bhebe Dam
Bubi Bubye
Bulilima Quested Dam
Bulilimamangwe Bulalima-Mangwe
Chegutu Hartley
Chibvi Chibvi Dip
Chikara Chakara
Chikomba Range Dam
Chimanimani Melsetter
Chimhandu Chimandhu Dam
Chinakwa Gulamalaka Dam
Chingoma Chigoma Dam
Chinhoyi Sinoia
Chinyauhera Chinyauwhera
Chipfiko Chipfika Dam
Chipinge Chipinga
Chirudzani Lower Maynard Weir
Chirumanzu Chilimanzi
Chivero Hunyani Poort Dam
Chivhu Enkeldoorn
Chivi Chibi
Dete Dett
Devure Dewure PL
Dziva Poole Dam
Esigodini Essexvale
Guruve Sipolilo
Gwai Gwaai
Gweru Gwelo
Harare Salisbury
Harava Henry Hallam Dam
Hozheri 1 Wozhele 1 (dam)
Hozheri 2 Wozhele 2 (dam)
Hurungwe Urungwe
Hwange Wankie
Ingwesi Ingwezi Dam
Insiza Mayfair Dam
Inyathi Inyati
Kadoma Gatooma
Kanyongoro Kanyongore Dam
Khame Khami Dam
Kwekwe Que Que
Lower Maleme Maleme Dam
Lower Mgusa Lower Umgusa Dam
Lower Mujeni Banket
Lower Zivagwe Dutchman’s Dam
Luthi Lute Dam
Makonde Lomagundi
Mamande Mamanda Dam
Manyame Darwendale Dam
Manyame Hunyani River
Manyame Lower Gwelo
Manyene Manyeni TTL
Marange Maranke TTL
Marondera Marandellas
Mashava Mashaba
Masvingo Fort Victoria
Masvingo Victoria (district)
Matobo Matopos
Mauto Mawuto
Mazowe Mazoe
Mbalabala Balla Balla
Mbembesi Bembesi
Mberengwa Belingwe
Mfundisi Mufundisi Dam
Mgululu Umgululu Dam
Mhangura Mangula
Mhlanga Umhlanga Dam
Mphoeng Mphoengs
Muneni Chimwemwe Dam
Munyati / Sanyati Umniati River
Mupfure Umfuli River
Mupfurudzi Eben Dam
Murewa Mrewa
Musengezi Msengezi PL
Mutare Umtali
Mutepatepa Mtepatepa
Mutirikwi Kyle Dam
Mutirikwi Mtilikwe TTL
Mutoko Mtoko
Mutora Mtali Dam
Mutorashanga Mtorashanga
Mutsheleli Mtsheleli Dam
Muzarabani Centenary
Muzarabani Mzarabani TTL
Mvuma Umvuma
Mvurwi Umvukwes
Mwami Miami
Mwenezi Nuanetsi
Mzingwane Umzingwane Dam
Mzinyathini Mzinyatini
Mzola Mzolo
Ndlumbi Ndhlumbi
Ngezi Ingezi
Ngezi Palawan Dam
Ngungunyana Ngungunyane
Nharira Narira
Nkayi Nkai
Nyajena Esquilingwe Weir
Nyamhumga Nyamunga
Nyamutora Nyamatara
Nyanga Inyanga
Nyanga (dam) Rhodes Dam
Nyangwe Mare Dam
Nyazura Inyazura
Piriviri Biriwiri
Runde Lundi
Rusape Dam Lesapi Dam
Sango Vila Salazar
Saunyami Purdon Dam
Save Sabi
Save Sabi North TTL
Seke (dam) Prince Edward Dam
Seke Seki TTL
Shangani Tiyabenzi Dam
Shurugwi (dam) Lower Impali Dam
Shurugwi Selukwe
Somabhula Somabula
Suoguru Mvurwi
Svikiro Sikiro Dam
Thuli Tuli
Tongwe Tobgwe Dam
Tsholotsho Tjolotjo
Udu Udu Valley Dam
Upper Insiza Rixon Dam
Upper Maleme Three Sisters Dam
Upper Ruya Frogmore Dam
Zave Zawi
Zvishavane Shabani
Zvishavane Weir Shabani Weir