Photographic Archive of Rhodesia – 1

Photos by Colin Weyer  (for copyright details see bottom of page)

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Copies of Photos

I have had a number of requests for copies of various photos.  Maybe like many website publishers, I have suffered from some unscrupulous plagiarism; hence the regrettable need to use watermarking.  Even then, some people (who purport to love and promote Rhodesia – yet clearly misunderstand the high standards of honour and decency that lay at the heart of Rhodesian society) have blatantly sought to circumvent them!    I have had my own colour slides professionally scanned and digitised (at no little expense) so that I can present what you see on my web site.  The original scans are not available for sale. Most of the photos posted on the site are of a fairly high resolution and can be downloaded and should print reasonably well. If you make use of any of them in the public arena I would ask that you follow the copyright guidelines shown at the bottom of each page.

Thank you – CW

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