Gazetteer of Rhodesian Place Names

This gazetteer is based on place names as they appear on the 1973 Rhodesia Relief Map 1 : 1 000 000 scale as shown below and on the main Maps page.

To limit the time spent on the task, a grid has been used based on the latitude and longitude lines shown on the original map. These have been marked A to I and 1 to 8 along each border as will be seen on the map below.  Click on the map and then again to zoom in for a detailed view. As an example, Nyamandhlovu will be found in square D5. When time permits the grid squares will be split further into four to make searching easier.  Whilst all man-made features should be listed, only the more important of the many rivers and hill features are included. Except where the name clearly explains the place listed, a description is shown in the Notes column below.  Please watch out for places adjacent to grid lines; places are included in the square in which they fall although the name may appear in the neighbouring square. Some features, such as rivers, often straddle more than one square.  There are nearly 1 000 places listed which have been extracted as carefully as possible but any user noting an error or omission is invited to contact me so that a correction can be made. The gazetteer will be extended in due course to include districts, tribal trust lands (TTLs) and African Purchase Lands.


1973 Physical Relief map for Simple Gazetteer
1973 Physical Relief map for Simple Gazetteer



Grid Square Name Notes
E6 Adams Railway Siding
E3 Alaska Mine
F3 Alaska Railway Siding
G5 Alheit Mission
H3 All Souls Mission
D4 Allan Wilson Memorial
H4 Alumina Mine
F3 Amandas Village
E/F2 Angwa River
D7 Antelope Mine Village
E7 Antenior Railway Siding
G3 Arcturus Settlement
F3 Arden Railway Siding
F3 Argo Railway Siding
F5 Athens Mine
H3 Avila Mission
G3 Avilin Railway Siding
H4 Baddeley Railway Siding
F5 Badza Railway Siding
E6 Balla Balla Village
G6 Bangala Dam
F3 Banket Town
E6 Bannockburn Railway Siding
D5 Barberton Mine
B3 Batoka Gorge
E4 Battlefields Railway Siding
G5 Beardmore Mine
F4 Beatrice Village
E8 Beitbridge Town
E6 Belingwe Village
D5 Bembesi Railway Siding
D7 Bembeswana Dam
F6 Berenjena Mission
B4 Bethesda (see Land Tenure Map) Mission
F4 Bexhill Dam
G5 Bikita Mine
G6 Bikita Village
G3 Bindura Town
C3 Binga Village
H5 Birchenough Bridge Village
F2 Birkdale Pass
D6 Blanket Mine
D6 Blanket Dam
H4 Bonda Mission
F6 Bondofli Mission
D6 Bonisa Dam
H4 Bonzo Settlement
F6 Boss Mine
G3 Bradley Inst. Settlement
H5 Bridal Veil Falls
G4 Bromley Village
E4 Brompton Mine
D7 Brunapeg Mission
F7/8 Bubye River
F6 Buchwa Railway Siding
D5 Buda Railway Siding
G7 Buffalo Range Village
G5 Buhera Town
F6 Buhwa Mine
D6 Bulawayo City
D2 Bumi Hills Settlement
D6 Bushtik Railway Siding
E5 Cactus Poort Dam
E4 Cam & Motor Mine
F4 Cambourne Mine
F5 Cambrai Mine
H5 Cashel Village
E2 Catkin Mine
D6 Cement Railway Siding
G2 Centenary Village
E4 Chakari Village
F8 Chamnanga Settlement
D2 Charara Settlement
E2 Charles Clack Mission
F5 Chatsworth Village
E6 Chegato Mission
D3 Chereya Mission
C3 Chete Game Camp
C3 Chete Game Reserve
F1 Chewore Game Reserve
F4 Chibero Settlement
F6 Chibi Mission
F6 Chibi Village
H6 Chibuwe Settlement
G5 Chibvumani Ruins
E3 Chidamoyo Settlement
F4 Chigwell Railway Siding
G7 Chikombedzi Mission
G7 Chikombedzi Railway Siding
G7 Chikombu Settlement
H6 Chikore Mission
H3 Chikwizo Mission
F5 Chilimanzi Settlement
H7 Chilojo Cliffs
I5 Chimanimani Mountains
G4 Chimanza Mission
G2 Chimbango Settlement
G2 Chimimba Settlement
H2 Chimoko Settlement
E3 Chimusimbe Settlement
G7 Chingwizi Railway Siding
H6 Chipinga Town
E8 Chipise Settlement
G7 Chiredzi Town
F5 Chirina Railway Siding
H6 Chirinda Forest
G2 Chironga Mission
D2 Chirundu Village
G3 Chishawasha Settlement
H6 Chisumbanje Settlement
D3 Chitasa Cave
D3 Chitisa Cave
F6 Chitofa Settlement
H2 Chitsungo Settlement
H3 Chiunye Settlement
F4 Chiva Settlement
C/D3 Chizarira Game Reserve
C3 Chizarira Hills
E6 Chomvuri Railway Siding
H4 Christmas Pass
E5 Chrome Mine Railway Siding
E5 Chuwindula Railway Siding
E4 Claw Dam
G3 Cleveland dam
H7 Cobra Mine
C6 Coldridge Railway Siding
E7 Colleen Bawn Village
E4 Commoner Mine
F3 Concession Village
E5 Connemara Settlement
F5 Copota Railway Siding
E3 Copper King Mine
E3 Copper Queen Mine
F6 Cotopaxi Mountain
H6 Craigmore Settlement
E6 Croft Mine Settlement
D6 Cyrene Mission
E5 Dabuka Railway Siding
E6 Dadaya Mission
D4 Dagamela Settlement
E5 Daisyfield Railway Siding
D2 Dandawa Settlement
F1 Dande Game Reserve
E4 Danly Mine
G5 Daramombe Mission
F3 Darwendale Village
E5 Deanfield Dam
B4 Deka Railway Siding
D5 Deli Railway Siding
H2 Dendera Mission
H4 Denswa Railway Siding
B4 Dett Town
E3 Deve Settlement
B3 Devils Gorge
H6 Devuli Ranch H.Q.
H5 Devure River
C5 Dhlamini Settlement
E5 Dhlo Dhlo Ruins
A4 Dibangombie Railway Siding
H2 Dindi Mission
E8 Diti Settlement
F3 Divide Mine
E7 Doddieburn Dam
F2 Doma Settlement
C6 Dombodema Mission
G3 Domboshawa Settlement
G3 Dombwe Settlement
G8 Domisa Mission
E4 Doreens Pride Dam
G5 Dorowa Mine
E5 Dorset Railway Siding
F5 Dreifontein Mission
F5 Dreifontein Dam
F4 Duchess Hill Settlement
F3 Dunphaile Railway Siding
E4 Dutchmans Pool Dam
D4 Dzibadziba Dam
E7 Eagle Vulture Railway Siding
G4 Eagles Nest Railway Siding
D5 Eastnor Settlement
G3 Eban Dam
F4 Eiffel Flats Town
F3 Eldorado Village
H3 Elim Mission
F5 Elmwood Railway Siding
C6 Embakwe Mission
C6 Empandeni Mission
E4 Empress Mine Mine
E4 Empress Mine Village
F5 Enkeldoorn Town
B4 Entuba Railway Siding
G3 Epworth Mission
H4 Era Mine
D6 Esibomvu Fort
G6 Esquilingwe Dam
G6 Essanby Dam
D6 Essexvale Village
G3 Ewanrigg National park
F5 Fairfield Railway Siding
C4 Fatima Mission
F4 Featherstone Settlement
F5 Felixburg Settlement
F5 Felixburg Rd. Railway Siding
F3 Feock Mine
H4 Feruka Railway Siding
D6 Figtree Settlement
E6 Filabusi Village
H4 Folkington Railway Siding
G4 Fort Charter
E6 Fort Rixon Settlement
E7 Fort Tuli
D6 Fort Usher Settlement
F6 Fort Victoria Town
D2 Fothergill Island
E6 Fred Mine Mine
E6 Fred Mine Settlement
D6 Freda Mine
F3 Frogmore Dam
E3 Fulechi Settlement
D5 Fundisi Dam
E4 Gado Railway Siding
F4 Gadzema Village
E4 Gaika Mine
G7 Gandanyemba Railway Siding
F6 Garare Railway Siding
G3 Garvin Railway Siding
F6 Gaths Mine Mine
F6 Gaths Mine Village
E4 Gatooma Town
C5 Gawa Settlement
E5 Ghoko Railway Siding
E2 GilGil Mine
E7 Giraffe Petroglyph
G3 Gladstone Mine
E6 Glass Block Railway Siding
G5 Glencova Settlement
G3 Glendale Village
G6 Glenlivet Settlement
E4 Globe & Phoenix Mine
D7 Gobateme Mission
F5 Gobo Railway Siding
F5 Gokomere Mission
D4 Gokwe Village
F3 Golden Kopje Mine
E4 Golden Valley Town
G/H7 Gona-Re-Zhou Game Reserve
D3 Gorodema Settlement
G3 Goromonzi Village
H4 Grand Reef Railway Siding
C5 Grants Railway Siding
F3 Great Dyke Mine
F3 Gresham Railway Siding
F3 Greycourt Railway Siding
E6 Greystone Settlement
E5 Guinea Fowl Railway Siding
D7 Gulameta Dam
H6 Gungunyana Forest
C5 Guswini Railway Siding
G5 Gutu Village
C5 Gwaai Railway Siding
C5 Gwai Settlement
C4 Gwai River Mine
C4 Gwai River Settlement
B/C4 Gwai River
E6 Gwanda Town
F3 Gwebi Railway Siding
D4 Gwehava Mission
E5 Gwelo City
D4 Gwelutshina Settlement
E5 Gwenoro Dam
H4 Gwinanzira Railway Siding
E5 Hapelts Railway Siding
E5 Harmony Railway Siding
F4 Hartley Town
H4 Headlands Village
D6 Heany Junction Railway Siding
D5 Highfields Railway Siding
C6 Hingwe Settlement
F6 Hippo Pools
G7 Hippo Valley Settlement
G7 Hippo Valley
F5 Holy Cross Mission
H4 Honde River
D6 Hope Fountain Mission
H5 Hot Springs Settlement
G4 Houlton Railway Siding
F3 Howard Institute Settlement
H3 Hoyuyu Settlement
F5 Hunguru Railway Siding
E5 Hunters Road Railway Siding
F2 Hunyani Mission
F3 Hunyani Railway Siding
F2/3 Hunyani River
E7 Hwali Settlement
D5 Igusi Railway Siding
D6 Imbizo Railway Siding
F2 Impinge Pass
B4 Impofu Railway Siding
F5 Indiva Railway Siding
D6 Induna Airfield
F6 Ingezi Railway Siding
C5 Ingwe Railway Siding
C6 Ingwezi Dam
F3 Inkomo Railway Siding
g4 Inoro Settlement
E5 Insiza Railway Siding
E5 Insukumini Settlement
C4 Intundhla Railway Siding
H4 Inyanga Village
H4 Inyanga National Park
H4 Inyangombe Falls
e6 Inyankuni Dam
B4 Inyantue Railway Siding
H4 Inyati Mine
D5 Inyati Village
H4 Inyazura Village
E6 Irisvale Railway Siding
G3 Iron Duke Mine
F5 Iron Mine Hill Railway Siding
C4 Isilwana Railway Siding
C4 Isilwana Railway Siding
A4 Jafuta Railway Siding
Jamasone Settlement
D4 Janke Dam
E7 Jessie Mine
E7 Jessie Railway Siding
F3 Jester Mine
G6 Jichedza Mission
C5 Jolume Settlement
E4 Jombe Settlement
F4 Joyce Mine
H4 Juliasdale Settlement
F3 Jumbo Mine
F3 Jumbo Village
H6 Junction Gate Settlement
F8 Jute Mine
D7 Kafusi Dam
A4 Kalala Railway Siding
C4 Kamativi Mine
C4 Kamativi Town
D4 Kana Mission
F1 Kanyemba Settlement
E3 Kapfundi Mission
G2 Karanda Settlement
D2 Kariba Town
D2 Kariba Dam
D2 Kariba Gorge
C3 Kariyangwe Mission
E2 Karoi Town
G2 Karoyi Settlement
E6 Kashambi Railway Siding
B4 Kasibi Railway Siding
E3 Kawaya Settlement
A3 Kazungula Settlement
C5 Kenmaur Settlement
C4 Kennedy Railway Siding
F3 Kent Dam
D6 Kezi Village
D6 Khami Railway Siding
D6 Khami Dam
D5 Khami River
D6 Khami Ruins
F3 Kildonan Railway Siding
G3 Kimberley Mine
F6 King Mine
F3 Kintyre Railway Siding
E5 Kombo Railway Siding
B5 Korodziba Settlement
H2 Kotwa Settlement
F3 Kutama Mission
F3 Kutama Railway Siding
G4 Kwenda Mission
F/G6 Kyle National Park
H4 Lake Alexander
D5 Lake Alice Dam
D2 Lake Kariba
F/G6 Lake Kyle
G6 Lake McDougal
F3 Lake McIlwaine
F5 Lalapansi Settlement
F4 Lambourne Mine
E6 Lancaster Settlement
D7 Legion Mine Mine
D7 Legion Mine Settlement
D6 Leighwoods Railway Siding
F3 Lembwe Railway Siding
E4 Leopardess Mine
H4 Lesapi Mission
H4 Lesapi Dam
F8 Limpopo River
F3 Lions Den Village
B4 Lobangwe Railway Siding
E5 Lochard Railway Siding
F3 Lochinvar Village
G7 Lone Star Dam
D5 Lonely Mine Mine
G4 Longlands Dam
E4 Loreto Mission
E5 Lower Gwelo Mission
C4 Lubimbi Settlement
D4 Lukampa Settlement
B4 Lukosi Mission
B4 Lukosi Railway Siding
E6 Lumane Railway Siding
F6 Lundi Mission
G7 Lundi Railway Siding
F6/G7 Lundi River
C4 Lupane Mission
C4 Lusulu Settlement
E8 Lutombe Settlement
D6 Luveve Railway Siding
F3 Lydiate Railway Siding
F3 Lydiate Railway Siding
E2 Lynx Mine
G7 Mabalauta Settlement
C5 Mabiriya Settlement
E6 Mabowa Matema Dam
G3 Mabvuku Settlement
E7 Machachuta Settlement
H5 Machecheni Dam
G4 Macheke Village
D3 Machihiri Settlement
C6 Madaba Settlement
E2 Madadzi Settlement
C6 Madhlambudzi Settlement
G2 Madombwe Mission
C5 Madziba Settlement
G3 Madziwa Mine
G3 Madziwa Mine Village
D3 Madziwadzido Settlement
F4 Madzongwe Railway Siding
D/E4 Mafungabusi Plateau
C5 Magama Mission
D6 Maguga Railway Siding
E2 Magunge Settlement
G4 Mahusekwa Settlement
B4 Main Camp Settlement
C5 Maitengwe Dam
F3 Makabusi River
E7 Makado Settlement
E7 Makado Dam
H3 Makaha Settlement
G7 Makambe Railway Siding
G4 Makonis Settlement
H3 Makosa Settlement
H3 Makose Settlement
G5 Makumbe Mission
G3 Makumbi Settlement
E2 Makuti Settlement
F3 Makwiro Village
D7 Malabas Settlement
G8 Malapati Settlement
D6 Maleme Dam
D4 Malimasindi Settlement
C4 Malindi Railway Siding
C5 Malindi Settlement
F4 Malube Settlement
G8 Malvernia (Moç) Railway Siding
D7 Mambali Settlement
B4 Mambanje Railway Siding
E1 Mana Pools
E1 Mana Pools Game Reserve
D7 Manama Mission
D6 Mananda Dam
F6 Mandamabgwe Settlement
B4 Mandavu Dam
F2 Mangula Town
D6 Mangwe Settlement
G4 Mangwendi Mission
G4 Mangwendi Settlement
E5 Manyame Railway Siding
E2 Manyati Settlement
F6 Manyenge Settlement
F4 Manywe Settlement
G3 Mapunga Railway Siding
H4 Marabada Railway Siding
G4 Marandellas Town
F6 Maravira Settlement
F3 Marimba Railway Siding
F3 Marodzi Railway Siding
E2 Marongora Settlement
F3 Marova Railway Siding
F3 Marshall Hartley Mission
F3 Marshlands Dam
E4 Martin Railway Siding
D6 Marula Railway Siding
E6 Marvel Mine
F3 Maryland Junc.
H2 Marymount Mission
E6 Masase Mission
F6 Mashaba Settlement
D7 Mashaba Village
G6 Mashoko Mission
F6 Masingo Mission
E7 Masole Settlement
A4 Masuie Railway Siding
B4 Masuma Dam
F6 Mataga Settlement
A4 Matetsi Railway Siding
B4 Matetsi (Sacred Heart) Mission
F6 Matibi Mission
F6 Matibis Mission
G7 Matibis Settlement
H4 Matinidza Railway Siding
G3 Matione Settlement
D6 Matopo Mission
D6 Matopos Settlement
D6 Matopos Dam
G6 Matsai Settlement
C5 Matupula Railway Siding
D2 Matusadona Range
G2 Mavuradonha Mission
H3 Mayo Settlement
D7 Mayodobo Settlement
F3 Mazoe Village
F3 Mazoe Dam
G3-H2 Mazoe River
E7 Mazunga Settlement
C5 Mbamba Settlement
G7 Mbizi Railway Siding
D4 Mbuma Mission
D4 Mbungu Settlement
E7 Mchela Cave
E6 Mchingwe Dam
C6 Mdabe Dam
G3 Melfort Railway Siding
H5 Melsetter Town
G3 Mermaids Pool
E2 Miami Settlement
C5 Mkubazi Settlement
G2 Mkumbura Settlement
Mkwasine Settlement
C5 Mlagisa Railway Siding
F6 Mnene Mission
G4 Monte Cassino Mission
G5 Moodies Pass
D5 Morgans Railway Siding
F6 Morgenster Mission
D4 Mpagama Dam
C7 Mphoengs Settlement
B5 Mpilo Settlement
C5 Mpindo Railway Siding
F3 Mpinga Railway Siding
D6 Mpopoma Village
D6 Mpopoma Dam
G3 Mrewa Village
G3 Msasa Railway Siding
G2 Msengedzi Mission
E7 Msharabanda Dam
F3 Msonedi Village
B4 Msuna Settlement
G2 Mt. Darwin Village
F3 Mt. Hampden Airfield
F3 Mt. Hampden Junc.
H4 Mt. Inyangani
H3 Mt. Melleray
H6 Mt. Silinda (or Mt. Selinda) Mission
H4 Mtarazi Falls
G2 Mtepatepa Settlement
G7 Mtilikwe Railway Siding
G6 Mtilikwe River
H3 Mtoko Village
F3 Mtoroshanga Village
F3 Mtoroshanga Pass
D6 Mtshabezi Mission
F4 Mubayira Settlement
A4 Mubiya Railway Siding
G5 Muchuchu Ruins
C3 Mujere Settlement
G5 Mukaro Mission
H2 Mukosa Settlement
C4 Mukwa Railway Siding
F6 Mukwakwe Railway Siding
G/H6 Mukwasini River
D6 Mulungwane Railway Siding
F1 Mupata Gorge
H4 Murahwa Railway Siding
F3 Muriel Mine Mine
F3 Muriel Mine Settlement
F6 Mushandike Dam
F6 Mushandike National Park
F4 Musondzo Settlement
F6 Musume Mission
F6 Musumi Settlement
H5 Mutambara Settlement
H7 Mutandawhe Mine
G5 Mutero Mission
H4 Mwarazi Dam
E5 Myrtlecham Railway Siding
D6 Mzilikazi Memorial
D6 Mzinyati Mission
E5 Nahla Railway Siding
E5 Nalatale Railway Siding
E5 Nalatale Ruins
G6 Nandi Railway Siding
A4 Nantwich Camp
G5 Narira Settlement
B4 Nashome Railway Siding
E6 Ncema Dam
B4 Nchokomela Railway Siding
G6 Ndanga Settlement
C5 Ndolwane Settlement
F6 Nenga Railway Siding
B4 Nengasha Railway Siding
F5 Netherburn Mine
C5 Ngamo Railway Siding
E5 Ngamo Dam
F4 Ngezi Dam
C5 Ngoma Settlement
F6 Ngomahuru Settlement
E4 Ngondoma Dam
F6 Ngundu Settlement
F6 Ngungubane Railway Siding
E4 Ngwena Railway Siding
D5 Ngwenya Dam
G3 Nhowe Mission
F6 Nil Desperandum Mine
C5 Ningombeneshango Settlement
E4 Njelele Settlement
D4 Nkai Village
D5 Nkoni Dam
G3 Nora Railway Siding
D6 Northolt Railway Siding
F3 Norton Town
C6 Nshaba Settlement
D6 Ntabazinduna Railway Siding
D6 Ntunteni Railway Siding
F7 Nuanetsi Village
F7 Nuanetsi Ranch H.Q.
F/G7 Nuanetsi River
E8 Nuli Settlement
F3 Nyabira Railway Siding
H3 Nyaderi Mission
G7 Nyala Railway Siding
D5 Nyamandhlovu Town
H2 Nyamapanda Settlement
G2 Nyamazizi Settlement
H3 Nyamkoli Settlement
F4 Nyamweda Settlement
H3 Nyamzuwe Mission
H3 Nyangui Mountain
G3 Nyangura Settlement
H5 Nyanyadzi Settlement
G5 Nyashanu Mission
H2 Nyatana Settlement
H4 Nykasapa Settlement
F5 Nyombi Railway Siding
H4 Odzani Falls
H4 Odzi Village
H5 Odzi River
E6 Oreti Railway Siding
F5 Pakame Mission
E6 Pambuka Settlement
D5 Pampoenpoort Dam
D6 Pamula Settlement
G6 Pamushana Mission
A4 Pandamatenga Village
E6 Pangani Mine
C4 Pashu Settlement
D6 Pasipas Railway Siding
F3 Passaford Railway Siding
E4 Patchway Mine
F5 Peak Mine
C5 Pelela Settlement
B5 Pelendaba Settlement
F3 Pembi Dam
H4 Penhalonga Village
E3 Perseverance Mine
C6 Plumtree Village
B4 Pongoro Railway Siding
G3 Poorte River Railway Siding
H4 Pounsley Railway Siding
H4 Premier Estate Settlement
F6 Prince Mine
G3 Prince Edward Dam
F6 Providential Pass
C5 Pumula Mission
H4 Pungwe Falls
F5 Quarry Railway Siding
E6 Quarry Spur Railway Siding
E4 Que Que Town
D5 Queens Mine Mine
D5 Queens Mine Settlement
C6 Questeds Dam
F3 Raffingora Settlement
D6 Railway Dam
D5 Redbank Railway Siding
E5 Redcliff Town
F6 Regal Mine
H3 Regina Coeli Mission
F6 Rex Mine
E4 Rhino Dam
F3 Rhod. African Chrome Mine
D6 Rhodes Matopos National Park
F6 Rhonda Mine
E4 Rimuka Railway Siding
E7 Ripple Creek Dam
E6 Rixon Dam
A4 Robins Camp
G4 Rocky Spruit Settlement
D6 Rogers Railway Siding
E2 Rukomechi Settlement
G6 Runyani Ruins
H6 Rupisi Settlement
H2 Rusambo Mission
H4 Rusape Town
F7 Rusaza Railway Siding
H6 Rusitu Mission
F7 Rutenga Railway Siding
G3 Ruwa Village
F6 Sabi Mine
H6 Sabi Exp. Station Settlement
H5/6 Sabi River
E6 Sabiwa Railway Siding
D6 Sablevale Settlement
G4 Sadza Settlement
G3 Salisbury City
B4 Sambawizi Settlement
E4 Samwari Railway Siding
E6 Sandawana Mine
D6 Sandown Railway Siding
F3 Sangwe Railway Siding
E3 Sanyati Mission
D2-E3 Sanyati River
H4 Sanyatwe Settlement
F6 Sarahuru Railway Siding
F6 Sawa Sawa Settlement
D5 Sawmills Settlement
F5 Sebakwe Dam
E4-F5 Sebakwe River
D7 Seear Block Settlement
F3 Seki Railway Siding
G4 Seki Settlement
E5 Sekope Railway Siding
F3 Selby Railway Siding
F4 Selous Mission
F4 Selous Settlement
F5 Selukwe Town
E5 Senale Railway Siding
G8 Sengwe Settlement
F5 Serima Mission
D3 Sessami Mission
F6 Shabani Town
F3 Shackleton Mine
G3 Shamva Village
G5 Shamwa Mine
E5 Shangani Mine
E5 Shangani Settlement
C/D4 Shangani River
E5 Shangani Tiyabenzi Dam
E8 Shashi River
D6 Sheet Dam
E4 Sherwood Railway Siding
D3 Siabuwa Settlement
F6 Sihande Settlement
E6 Silalabuhwa Dam
E4 Silobela Settlement
D6 Silozwane Cave
G3 Simoona Railway Siding
B4 Sinematella Camp
E6 Sinkukwe Railway Siding
F3 Sinoia Town
F3 Sinoia Caves
F2 Sipolilo Village
E7 Sitauzis Settlement
E4 Skipper Mine
D6 Solusi Mission
E5 Somabula Railway Siding
F3 Somerby Railway Siding
G5 Soti Source Settlement
H4 St.  Triashill Mission
D5 St. Aiden’s Mission
G2 St. Alberts Mission
G6 St. Anthony’s Mission
H4 St. Augustine’s Mission
H4 St. Barbara’s Mission
H4 St. Benedict Mission
H4 St. Faith’s Mission
F5 St. Francis Mission
F5 St. Joseph Mission
D7 St. Josephs Mission
C5 St. Luke’s Mission
H3 St. Marys Mission
G3 St. Marys Settlement
H4 St. Mathias Mission
H3 St. Melleray Mission
F4 St. Micheals Mission
F4 St. Oswalds Mission
E5 St. Patricks Mission
G3 St. Pauls Mission
D4 St. Paul’s Mission
H6 St. Peters Mission
G5 St. Richards Mission
E3 St. Ruperts Mission
G4 St. Terese’s Mission
H4 St. Triashill Mission
C6 Stanley Clinic Settlement
E6 Stanmore Railway Siding
F3 Stapleford Railway Siding
H4 Stapleford Settlement
H4 Stapleford Forest
D7 Sun Yat Sen Mine
D7 Sun Yat Sen Settlement
E4 Suri Suri Dam
E5 Surprise Railway Siding
H3 Suswe Settlement
F3 Sutton Mine
E6 Swazi Railway Siding
F8 Swebehe Mine
G6 Sylveira Mission
D6 Syringa Railway Siding
G3 Tafuna Railway Siding
B4 Tajintunda Railway Siding
E7 Tamba Dam
H5 Tandai Settlement
H6 Tanganda River
G4 Tarisira Railway Siding
F3 Tatagura Railway Siding
C5 Teakland Railway Siding
C6 Tegwani Mission
D5 Tenela Railway Siding
E3 Tengwe Settlement
G5 The Range Village
G4 The Range Dam
G4 Theydon Railway Siding
B4 Thomson Junc.
E5 Thornhill Airfield
D7 Thornville Dam
E7 Thornwood Mine
H4 Tikwiri Railway Siding
G4 Timber Mills Railway Siding
C5 Tjolotjo Village
D6 Toghwana Dam
G7 Tokwe Dam
F6 Tokwe River
E7 Tongwe Dam
E7 Towla Settlement
F3 Trelawney Village
E5 Trevello Railway Siding
G7 Triangle Village
H4 Troutbeck Settlement
F7 Tsembgwe Railway Siding
E8 Tshiturapadsi Settlement
C4 Tshongokwe Mission
B4 Tshontanda Railway Siding
C4 Tsindi Mission
B5 Tsuli Settlement
H4 Tsungwizi Railway Siding
G7 Tswiza Railway Siding
E7 Tuli Settlement
D6 Tuli Makwe Dam
E7 Tuli River
D5 Turk Mine Mine
D5 Turk Mine Settlement
F3 Tynwald Railway Siding
D5 Uhlawe Dam
G4 Umfeseri Railway Siding
E3 Umfuli River
D6 Umganin Railway Siding
D6 Umgululu Dam
C5 Umgusa Railway Siding
C6 Umhlangwa Dam
H6 Umkondo Mine Settlement
E4 Umniati Village
E3/4 Umniati River
E4 Umsweswe Railway Siding
H4 Umtali City
F3 Umvukwe Range
F3 Umvukwes Village
F5 Umvuma Village
H5 Umvumvumvu River
C5 Umzibani Railway Siding
D6 Umzingwane Dam
E7/8 Umzingwane River
C6 Vakaranga Railway Siding
F3 Vanad Mine
E6 Vanguard Mine Mine
A3 Victoria Falls Town
A3 Victoria Falls National park
G8 Vila Salazar Railway Siding
D6 Vubachikwe Mine
F6 Vugwe Railway Siding
H5 Vumba Mountains
E2 Vuti Settlement
G4 Waddilove Mission
E6 Wanezi Mission
B4 Wankie Mine
B4 Wankie Town
B/C5 Wankie National Park
C7 Warmley Settlement
H4 Watsomba Settlement
G4 Wedza Village
G4 Wedza Mountains
F5 Welcome Mine
F3 Wellesley Railway Siding
E7 West Nicholson Village
D6 Westacre Railway Siding
D6 Westgate Railway Siding
H4 Weya Mission
E4 What Cheer Mine
F3 Whitecliffe Railway Siding
F5 Whitewaters Dam
E5 Wida Railway Siding
E5 Willoughbys Railway Siding
F3 Willowvale Settlement
G4 Wilton Settlement
G3 Wolf Hill Railway Siding
G3 Woodbrook Railway Siding
D6 Worlds View  (Rhodes grave)
G6 Zaka Village
E5 Zaloba Railway Siding
G4 Zamatobgwe Settlement
C3 Zambezi Mission
E/F/G2 Zambezi Escarpment
A3-E1 Zambezi River
B4 Zanguja Railway Siding
G3 Zanyika Settlement
F3 Zawi Railway Siding
F6 Zeederbergs Railway Siding
E3 Zemaiwa Settlement
C5 Zemalapala Settlement
D5 Zenka Mission
E7 Zezani Mission
E4 Zhombe Mission
F6 Zijena Settlement
C4 Zikamanus Settlement
F6 Zimbabwe Ruins
H5 Zimunya Settlement
F5 Zimuto Railway Siding
D5 ZinyanGeni Mission
F6 Zurubi Railway Siding
D5 Zwelabo Dam
F3 Zwimba Settlement
G4 Zwipadze Railway Siding




Place Name Changes

Quite a number of original Rhodesian names still appear on various current maps, however, to assist future readers in locating Rhodesian towns, rivers and dams on present day online maps etc. the following is a list of some of the more important name changes which were made from 1983. They are shown sorted first by original name and then by new name. (Not all of these appear in the above gazetteer which is limited to names appearing on the 1 million scale map.)


Sorted by original name
Original New
Balla Balla Mbalabala
Banket Lower Mujeni
Belingwe Mberengwa
Bembesi Mbembesi
Bhebe Dam Bhebbe
Biriwiri Piriviri
Bubye Bubi
Bulalima-Mangwe Bulilimamangwe
Centenary Muzarabani
Chakara Chikara
Chibi Chivi
Chibvi Dip Chibvi
Chigoma Dam Chingoma
Chilimanzi Chirumanzu
Chimandhu Dam Chimhandu
Chimwemwe Dam Muneni
Chinyauwhera Chinyauhera
Chipfika Dam Chipfiko
Chipinga Chipinge
Darwendale Dam Manyame
Dett Dete
Dewure PL Devure
Dutchman’s Dam Lower Zivagwe
Eben Dam Mupfurudzi
Enkeldoorn Chivhu
Esquilingwe Weir Nyajena
Essexvale Esigodini
Fort Victoria Masvingo
Frogmore Dam Upper Ruya
Gatooma Kadoma
Gulamalaka Dam Chinakwa
Gwaai Gwai
Gwelo Gweru
Hartley Chegutu
Henry Hallam Dam Harava
Hunyani Poort Dam Chivero
Hunyani River Manyame
Ingezi Ngezi
Ingwezi Dam Ingwesi
Inyanga Nyanga
Inyati Inyathi
Inyazura Nyazura
Kanyongore Dam Kanyongoro
Khami Dam Khame
Kyle Dam Mutirikwi
Lesapi Dam Rusape Dam
Lomagundi Makonde
Lower Gwelo Manyame
Lower Impali Dam Shurugwi (dam)
Lower Maynard Weir Chirudzani
Lower Seigneury Weir Angler’s Rest
Lower Umgusa Dam Lower Mgusa
Lundi Runde
Lute Dam Luthi
Maleme Dam Lower Maleme
Mamanda Dam Mamande
Mangula Mhangura
Manyeni TTL Manyene
Marandellas Marondera
Maranke TTL Marange
Mare Dam Nyangwe
Mashaba Mashava
Matopos Matobo
Mawuto Mauto
Mayfair Dam Insiza
Mazoe Mazowe
Melsetter Chimanimani
Miami Mwami
Mphoengs Mphoeng
Mrewa Murewa
Msengezi PL Musengezi
Mtali Dam Mutora
Mtepatepa Mutepatepa
Mtilikwe TTL Mutirikwi
Mtoko Mutoko
Mtorashanga Mutorashanga
Mtsheleli Dam Mutsheleli
Mufundisi Dam Mfundisi
Mvurwi Suoguru
Mzarabani TTL Muzarabani
Mzinyatini Mzinyathini
Mzolo Mzola
Narira Nharira
Ndhlumbi Ndlumbi
Ngungunyane Ngungunyana
Nkai Nkayi
Nuanetsi Mwenezi
Nyamatara Nyamutora
Nyamunga Nyamhumga
Palawan Dam Ngezi
Poole Dam Dziva
Prince Edward Dam Seke (dam)
Purdon Dam Saunyami
Que Que Kwekwe
Quested Dam Bulilima
Range Dam Chikomba
Rhodes Dam Nyanga (dam)
Rixon Dam Upper Insiza
Sabi Save
Sabi North TTL Save
Salisbury Harare
Seki (TTL) Seke
Selukwe Shurugwi
Shabani Zvishavane
Shabani Weir Zvishavane Weir
Sikiro Dam Svikiro
Sinoia Chinhoyi
Sipolilo Guruve
Somabula Somabhula
Three Sisters Dam Upper Maleme
Tiyabenzi Dam Shangani
Tjolotjo Tsholotsho
Tobgwe Dam Tongwe
Tuli Thuli
Udu Valley Dam Udu
Umfuli River Mupfure
Umgululu Dam Mgululu
Umhlanga Dam Mhlanga
Umniati River Munyati / Sanyati
Umtali Mutare
Umvukwes Mvurwi
Umvuma Mvuma
Umzingwane Dam Mzingwane
Urungwe Hurungwe
Victoria (district) Masvingo
Vila Salazar Sango
Wankie Hwange
Wozhele 1 (dam) Hozheri 1
Wozhele 2 (dam) Hozheri 2
Zawi Zave
Sorted by new name
New Original
Angler’s Rest Lower Seigneury Weir
Bhebbe Bhebe Dam
Bubi Bubye
Bulilima Quested Dam
Bulilimamangwe Bulalima-Mangwe
Chegutu Hartley
Chibvi Chibvi Dip
Chikara Chakara
Chikomba Range Dam
Chimanimani Melsetter
Chimhandu Chimandhu Dam
Chinakwa Gulamalaka Dam
Chingoma Chigoma Dam
Chinhoyi Sinoia
Chinyauhera Chinyauwhera
Chipfiko Chipfika Dam
Chipinge Chipinga
Chirudzani Lower Maynard Weir
Chirumanzu Chilimanzi
Chivero Hunyani Poort Dam
Chivhu Enkeldoorn
Chivi Chibi
Dete Dett
Devure Dewure PL
Dziva Poole Dam
Esigodini Essexvale
Guruve Sipolilo
Gwai Gwaai
Gweru Gwelo
Harare Salisbury
Harava Henry Hallam Dam
Hozheri 1 Wozhele 1 (dam)
Hozheri 2 Wozhele 2 (dam)
Hurungwe Urungwe
Hwange Wankie
Ingwesi Ingwezi Dam
Insiza Mayfair Dam
Inyathi Inyati
Kadoma Gatooma
Kanyongoro Kanyongore Dam
Khame Khami Dam
Kwekwe Que Que
Lower Maleme Maleme Dam
Lower Mgusa Lower Umgusa Dam
Lower Mujeni Banket
Lower Zivagwe Dutchman’s Dam
Luthi Lute Dam
Makonde Lomagundi
Mamande Mamanda Dam
Manyame Darwendale Dam
Manyame Hunyani River
Manyame Lower Gwelo
Manyene Manyeni TTL
Marange Maranke TTL
Marondera Marandellas
Mashava Mashaba
Masvingo Fort Victoria
Masvingo Victoria (district)
Matobo Matopos
Mauto Mawuto
Mazowe Mazoe
Mbalabala Balla Balla
Mbembesi Bembesi
Mberengwa Belingwe
Mfundisi Mufundisi Dam
Mgululu Umgululu Dam
Mhangura Mangula
Mhlanga Umhlanga Dam
Mphoeng Mphoengs
Muneni Chimwemwe Dam
Munyati / Sanyati Umniati River
Mupfure Umfuli River
Mupfurudzi Eben Dam
Murewa Mrewa
Musengezi Msengezi PL
Mutare Umtali
Mutepatepa Mtepatepa
Mutirikwi Kyle Dam
Mutirikwi Mtilikwe TTL
Mutoko Mtoko
Mutora Mtali Dam
Mutorashanga Mtorashanga
Mutsheleli Mtsheleli Dam
Muzarabani Centenary
Muzarabani Mzarabani TTL
Mvuma Umvuma
Mvurwi Umvukwes
Mwami Miami
Mwenezi Nuanetsi
Mzingwane Umzingwane Dam
Mzinyathini Mzinyatini
Mzola Mzolo
Ndlumbi Ndhlumbi
Ngezi Ingezi
Ngezi Palawan Dam
Ngungunyana Ngungunyane
Nharira Narira
Nkayi Nkai
Nyajena Esquilingwe Weir
Nyamhumga Nyamunga
Nyamutora Nyamatara
Nyanga Inyanga
Nyanga (dam) Rhodes Dam
Nyangwe Mare Dam
Nyazura Inyazura
Piriviri Biriwiri
Runde Lundi
Rusape Dam Lesapi Dam
Sango Vila Salazar
Saunyami Purdon Dam
Save Sabi
Save Sabi North TTL
Seke (dam) Prince Edward Dam
Seke Seki TTL
Shangani Tiyabenzi Dam
Shurugwi (dam) Lower Impali Dam
Shurugwi Selukwe
Somabhula Somabula
Suoguru Mvurwi
Svikiro Sikiro Dam
Thuli Tuli
Tongwe Tobgwe Dam
Tsholotsho Tjolotjo
Udu Udu Valley Dam
Upper Insiza Rixon Dam
Upper Maleme Three Sisters Dam
Upper Ruya Frogmore Dam
Zave Zawi
Zvishavane Shabani
Zvishavane Weir Shabani Weir