Rhodesian Commentary

A Contemporary Archive of Rhodesian History

The first edition of Rhodesian Commentary appeared in January 1966 a little over two months after Rhodesia’s independence. The contents were compiled from various sources including, mostly, local Rhodesian media as well as overseas press reports.  The Commentary was published fortnightly and usually consisted of 8 unstapled pages of 8″ x 10″ which was the old British Imperial “large post quarto” size. In November 1971 this was changed to the slightly larger standard A4 size of 210mm x 297mm. The title banner was blue until December 1968 when it was changed to green. From November 1975 publication was switched to monthly and the last Rhodesian Commentary appeared in December 1975. The following year it was renamed Focus on Rhodesia with an updated print style and in this guise it continued to the end.




By good fortune I still have nearly all of my original editions and these will be scanned and posted as time permits thus providing a contemporary archive of Rhodesian life and history from 1966 to 1979.

Click on an archived edition below to open a pdf file.

Vol 1  No. 5   21 March 1966

  (Unusually the above edition had 12 pages incl a double centre page).

Vol 1  No. 6   4 April 1966