This is not a pretty book. The pictures inside depict a few of the many atrocities perpetrated by the so-called Freedom Fighters in Rhodesia..

Outright torture has long been a weapon of the Communist-trained thugs who, for the past 15 years, have been trying to force their philosophies on an unwilling and peace-loving, indigenous, population.

The incidents and pictures in this book record the wave of atrocities – murder, rape, abduction, torture, beatings, robberies and cattle maimings, over the last 18 months.

If, as they say, the people are on their side, why is it necessary for them to resort to such barbarism in order to convince them? It is a sober thought that the people who perpetrate these crimes are financed and comforted by the international community and the World Council of Churches.                                        

Perhaps this publication will serve to prove the calibre of men who masquerade as liberators of a so-called oppressed community who are supposed to be in rebellion against a white-dominated Government.

Let no one doubt the message it conveys. For this is the “new order” that the Organization of African Unity would seek to introduce to Rhodesia. This is the work of people inspired by African despots, massacres in the former Belgian Congo, wholesale murder of the Lumpas in Zambia, the bloody toll of Burundi, the butchers of Biafra, and the assassins of Zanzibar – the whole blood-stained fabric of African aspirations.

This then is the anatomy of terror.



You are about to see exactly how Robert Mugabe and his ZANU / ZANLA thugs terrorised and frightened the unwilling tribespeople of Rhodesia into “supporting” him and, in 1980, voting for him whilst the British observers turned a blind eye.

To borrow a phrase from famous Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov when describing Stalin:

Mugabe is a professional murderer.

The descriptions and police photographs shown below are a small sample from the following publications:

Anatomy of Terror – May 1974 (which featured the introduction above)

Harvest of Fear – October 1976

Massacre of the Innocents – January 1978

The Murder of Missionaries in Rhodesia – July 1978

Surviving tribesmen, missionaries, terrorists admissions and ballistic evidence confirm that all this brutality was committed by what Britain and America called “freedom fighters” and what we called by their true name: terrorists.

Do NOT view this page any further if you are squeamish or feel unable to face the facts!


December 3, 1975  A terrorist gang cut off the ears, nose and chin from Chikombe Mazvidza of Kandeya Tribal Trust Land.   They then forced his wife to cook and eat the flesh. A burning ember was thrust into his mother’s genitals and two other locals were also assaulted. His five children and 60 villagers were forced to watch.


African female beaten and burned alive

June 19, 1975  An African female was beaten and burned alive by three terrorists.


Chikombe Mazvidza after receiving medical care.

“The people who did this are not human beings” he said


Mutemba was bayoneted 43 times

During the night of May 27/28, six terrorists entered Pachanze kraal and took the only male African who was there, Mutemba, from his hut. They took him 400 metres from the kraal and tied his hands and feet with bark and for no known reason bayoneted him 43 times in the back.


27.6.73 – The body of one of two Chief’s Messengers found in the Darwin District.

They were abducted from their village and shot through the back of the head. No motive has been found.


On 26th March 1973 Mkambe Chiqueqwete was repeatedly shot by terrorists at his village in the Centenary district.

23 empty cartridge cases of communist origin were found at the scene. Motive unknown.


Ballistic science provides irrefutable evidence of the terrorists guilt.  Microscopic evidence pinpoints the murder weapon by identifying matching cartridge markings, one from the scene, and the other fired in the laboratory.  And (lower picture) A small part of the tons of communist manufactured weapons used by terrorists is kept at the ballistic laboratory of the police armoury.


February 7, 1977 – Fr. Dunstan Myerscough the sole survivor of a hail of bullets which killed his colleagues, four nuns and three Jesuits. He said: “This was a senseless, insane, brutal killing”.

Police recovered more than 100 cartridge cases fired from Russian-made rifles and a machine-gun. Police are hunting a group belonging to Mr Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) which was believed responsible for a series of incidents, including the murder of several black civilians.


30.1.74 – Anna, an innocent woman of Mt Darwin district, whose upper lip was pulled with a pair of pliers and hacked off with a bayonet by terrorists.


Despite outraged protestations of innocence by the externally-based terrorist leaders that their people were responsible for the murders, a wealth of unchallengeable evidence to the contrary has been amassed.

The sworn evidence of missionary survivors has been backed by ballistic science and the written testimony of a well-known terrorist killed in a contact.

Chief Inspector David Perkins, a ballistics expert with the British South Africa Police at the time of Musami Mission, massacre of February 7, 1977, testified at the inquest that an AK rifle bearing the number 3036, of North Korean manufacture, had been proved under microscopic examination to be one of the weapons used in the slaying.

A notebook found on the body of a terrorist, Mombi Macheni, contained the following passage:

“On Sunday the day of 6/2/77 we went to Musami at St Paul’s Mission. We reached there at 9.15 and we had a storming raid. We shot four Europeans who were priests. Sisters were five, and altogether there were nine, eight dead.

“We took a watch only. No comrades were injured in the action.

On the same day we went to Mazvidva and killed informers, kraalhead and the other one. This was 12.15, then we went.

“Nobody was injured. We were very happy.”

The entry in the notebook was signed by “No Talks” Mabhena. Beside his name was the number 3036.

At the inquest, Father Myerscough was asked whether he had any doubt that the murders had been committed by terrorists. He replied: “None whatever in my mind.”

The inquest verdict recorded by regional magistrate Mr Timothy Cherry: “Multiple, homicidal gunshot wounds” fired by a terrorist group.


The Elim Mission Massacre

On the night of June 23, 1978, Elim Mission in the Rhodesian Eastern Highlands was subjected to the worst massacre of missionaries yet experienced.

Terry Blocksidge of the Sunday Mail:

Eight British missionaries and four young children – including a three-week old baby – were bayoneted to death by terrorists on Rhodesia’s Eastern border. Three of the missionaries were men and the others women. The gruesome murders by a group of eight to ten terrorists happened at Emmanuel Mission School. The dead belonged to Elim Pentecostal Church and included three children and Pamela Grace who was three weeks old. Most of the women had been sexually assaulted and one mutilated. The children had been dragged from their beds in pyjamas.  One child had her tiny thumbs clenched in her palms. A mother beaten to death lay with her young baby. The baby had also been savagely beaten.

Mr Brian Chapman, director of the Church in Rhodesia and South Africa, visited the scene yesterday. He said “We saw no humanity here”.

The massacre began shortly before 8.30 p.m. when the white families were forced by the terrorists from their homes and classrooms, and marched to a playing field.

Near the sports pavilion, about 400 m from the main school, they were split into groups, then beaten with lengths of wood and logs, and stabbed.

When security forces reached the scene yesterday, the full horror on the cold, mist-and-rain shrouded Vumba mountain­side confronted them:

A mother, beaten to death, lay with her young baby. The baby had also been savagely beaten.

Their arms stretched out to each other, their hands resting an inch apart. The child’s hand was clenched.

The mother had a hand squeezed tightly around her engagement ring, turned into her palm, as she reached for her baby in her dying moments.

Nearby, another woman had died from an axe-wound – the weapon still protruded from her shoulder – and two men, one with his hands tied behind his back, lay beaten and slashed to death.

A blood-soaked chunk of wood had been dropped near to them.

Twenty metres away was another group of bodies.

Three children lay in a pitiful huddle, with two women’s bodies next to them.

Some had raised their arms to defend themselves from the brutal blows.


Elim massacre - mother and baby

Arms outstretched towards one another, three week old Pamela Grace and her mother Mrs Joyce Grace,

lie side by side, savagely battered to death on the playing field of Elim Mission.


Mr Andrew Young, United States Ambassador to the United Nations was interviewed by the London Times.

Mr. Young is asked: “Does Mr. Mugabe strike you as a violent man?”

He replies: “Not at all, he’s a very gentle man. In fact, one of the ironies of the whole struggle is that I can’t imagine Joshua Nkomo, or Robert Mugabe, ever pulling the trigger on a gun to kill anyone. I doubt that they ever have …. The violent people are Smith’s people and hopefully they won’t be around for the new Zimbabwe.”

Mr. Young is asked how he gets on with Mr. Mugabe. He replies: “I find that I am fascinated by his intelligence, by his dedication. The only thing that frustrates me about Robert Mugabe is that he is so damned incorruptible …. The problem is he was educated by the Jesuits, and when you get the combination of a Jesuit and a Marxist kind of philosophy merging in one person, you’ve got a hell of a guy to deal with.”

This weekend, at the scene of the massacre, correspondents reported that the “victims were beyond help, with axe wounds scarring their bodies, bayonet thrusts deep in their backs, and skulls crushed by knobkerries or lengths of thick wood.

Shocked and angry troops viewed the carnage and quietly cursed the terrorists. One man had tears in his eyes as he muttered: ‘The bastards. They are nothing better than animals. How could they do this?’ “

Yet these are the terrorists whom men like US Ambassador, Andy Young, and British Foreign Secretary, David Owen, support.

The tragedy of Africa is not just that such savagery still persists.

It is that terrorism has been given respectability. That the men with the guns are regarded as freedom fighters, as liberators, when they are no more than thugs – and animals.


20.7.1977  ZANU “freedom fighters” herded these men, women and children into hut, then set fire to the thatched roof.


The 26-hut kraal was a scene of devastation – all had been gutted.  Goats and sheep were burned alive in their pens. The gang who “liberated” these poor Africans left a note at the scene. It said “Forward with ZANLA (The Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army). Referring to “Smith’s soldiers” as “pigs, dogs and baboons” the note said “On this day you are are going to see how bad we can be”

[The note did not mention that most of “Smith’s soldiers” were loyal Africans.]

Charred African baby

The pitiful charred remains of a baby – one of 23 people who died agonising deaths when terrorists herded them into a hut and set it alight.  Wild dogs or a hyena had dragged it from the hut and chewed at the remains.


So far time has not permitted the reproduction of the very large number of photographs and accounts of terrorist atrocities perpetrated by the thugs who went on to become the government of Zimbabwe.   The above should however serve to demonstrate the crimes they committed.

Mugabe came to power using weapons supplied by Russia and China but he would not have succeeded if he had not had the support of the West.

The ruling establishments of Britain and the United States (along with those of Canada and the Scandinavian countries among others) should hang their heads in shame for having given support to such crimes against humanity.


Missile attack on civilian airliner

The crash in July 2014 of a civilian airliner over the Ukraine has been widely attributed to a surface to air missile fired near the Russian border.  World leaders and media commentators were quick to condemn this terrible event – although almost certainly not intended to hit a civilian aircraft. The Ukrainian military themselves had similarly used a missile to shoot down a Russian airliner by mistake over the Black Sea in 2001 whilst en route from Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk and killed all on board. And of course in 1988 the USA itself shot down an Iranian airliner in error.

But, terrible though this latest event was, their reaction shows the awful double standards of leaders in Britain, Europe and the USA.

Air Rhodesia Flight 825 was a scheduled passenger flight deliberately shot down by TERRORISTS of the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) on 3 September 1978 using a Russian made SAM7. The aircraft involved, a Vickers Viscount named the Hunyani, was flying the last leg of Air Rhodesia’s regular scheduled service from Victoria Falls to the capital Salisbury, via the resort town of Kariba. Despite losing two engines on the same side, the pilot miraculously managed to crash land the plane. Of the 56 passengers and crew, 38 were killed but 18 survived! Some moved off to seek help while others, including the injured, remained near the plane.  TERRORISTS then arrived and machine gunned 10 of the survivors before looting the plane wreckage. Those who had moved away into the bush witnessed what happened.

Terrorist leader Jushua Nkomo claimed responsibility for the attack in an interview with the BBC on the evening of 3 September 1978, laughing as he did so, to the horror of most Rhodesians.

The key point of interest is that not a single world political or religious leader condemned this awful deliberate atrocity!

Please do listen to the short but powerful eulogy by the Very Rev. John da Costa from the memorial service held in Salisbury Cathedral.

Air Rhodesia, began developing anti-missile shielding for its Viscounts but, before the work was completed, terrorists shot down a second Viscount, Umniati, Air Rhodesia Flight 827, on 12 February 1979. This time all 59 on board were killed.  Again the world looked the other way …….

After the 2nd missile attack, Air Rhodesia coated the underside of the Viscounts with low-radiation paint and the exhaust pipes were concurrently shrouded. According to tests conducted by the Air Force, a Viscount so treated could not be detected by the Strela SAM7 system once it was over 2,000 feet.  No more airliners were shot down in Rhodesia.


The Killing of Baby Natasha Glenny

The story of how Mugabe’s brave “freedom fighters” bayoneted a six month old baby girl to death.

The Killing of Natasha – Rhodesia Herald 4th Oct 1977

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