A Picture Gallery of Pioneer Rhodesia

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It is difficult today to appreciate just how brave and hardy were the early pioneers who opened up the wilderness which became Rhodesia.  There was nothing at all to be had other than that which could be brought by wagon through literally hundreds of miles of virgin bush. The wagons and their drivers had to cross land having no roads of any description and the rivers to be crossed had no bridges.  There were no towns and everything that a man might want had to be built from scratch. Yet within a few years the pioneers had laid the foundations for a modern country.

This selection of pictures gives a glimpse of early Rhodesia mostly scanned from my own 1st edition publications covering the period up to the founding of the Rhodesia Pioneers’ and Early Settlers’ Society which came into being on 12th September 1904. There are also some which have probably not been published before, and others probably not seen since before 1905, including some private photographs donated by one pioneer descendant who wishes to remain anonymous.