“This is the Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation”

RBC / RTV Broadcasting Studios, Salisbury, Rhodesia

The studios of the RBC and RTV in Salisbury

In the mid 1970s I acquired a new Sony radio/cassette recorder and I used this to make several dozen recordings from the RBC.

I have recently had my tapes professionally transferred to digital media. And now at last you may hear the first few of these.


Making for Midnight

A regular late night music programme broadcast on the General Service of the RBC.

The excerpt below includes a relay from the 12th Independence Anniversary Charity Ball held on 10th-11th November 1977.



My solid silver replica of the Rhodesian Independence Bell which, like the original, is held in a Rhodesian mukwa frame. The bell is modelled on the American Independence Bell. The Prime Minister, Ian Smith, rang the bell 12 times at midnight each year at the Independence Anniversary Charity Ball. You can hear him do it on the YouTube recording linked to this page.


Rhodesian national anthem

Rhodesia’s National Anthem autographed for me by Ian and Janet Smith at the Independence Ball.


Bulawayo – More than 400 people attended Rhodesia’s second Independence Ball in 1967. The Prime Minister and Mrs Smith were present and acknowledged the cheers of the crowd.


The Prime Minister, Mr. Ian Smith, strikes the Independence Bell during a ball held in Salisbury to celebrate Rhodesia’s fourth anniversary of independence.


Music at Sundowner Time

a regular early evening music programme broadcast on the General Service of the RBC

wonderful easy going music to end the working day!

This programme was recorded on 17th April 1976

Listen here



Toni Fairfield hosted several programmes on Radio Jacaranda such as The Now Sound, Jacaranda Jukebox and Saturday Scene.

Most of this recording, about 75%, is from Toni’s Saturday Scene on 9th September 1978 with the rest from The Now Sound. The programme lasts for over two hours so it may take a short while to load but, for those of us who lived there, it will be very evocative of the relaxing lifestyle in Rhodesia. And for those who did not have the privilege it may give you an insight – either way I am sure you will enjoy a great programme of music from the 60s and 70s!

Perfect for playing at a lunch or dinner party or, if you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, it will provide the ideal background music for your braai. The programme starts with the tune “Boulevard De Paris” originally by Bosworth Ensembles in 1974. This is similar in style to the “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin and was Radio Jacaranda’s station identity signal.

Listen here

Toni Fairfield (right) choosing some music with assistant Jenny Stiger

Toni Fairfield (right) choosing some music with assistant Jenny Stiger



The “PM Show” was presented by Peter Mellor on the General Service. It filled the last two hours on Saturday nights and this recording was made on 17th April 1976. Some good lively music from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Listen here


An AA Road Report for Rhodesia as first broadcast on the RBC in 1977.

The announcer is Joy Cameron-Dow.


RBC Transmission Schedule 1978

Broadcasting hours / Frequencies / Wavelengths