Selukwe Township photographed in 1903

Selukwe was founded in 1899 and lies some 23 miles (37km) south-east of Gwelo.  It is the centre of a chrome and gold mining district.

The name of the town derives from a bare oval granite kopje, in the same shape as the pig pens that the BaVenda people used to build. The Venda word for “pig pen” is chirugwe, varied by the Matabele to Selukwe.

The town lies in well wooded, hilly and picturesque country at an altitude of about 4,750ft (1 440m) and is well watered having a typical annual rainfall of 35 ins. On a clear day it is quite possible to see the hills around Fort Victoria and Zimbabwe, the latter being over 90 miles away.

Population.  1911    1921  1927   1931    1941      1951     1969

European      167      202    196     266      362        297        629

Total                                   589                                        10 200


District Commissioner’s Office, Selukwe


Typical scenery near Selukwe


View of Moonie Creek Valley from Selukwe Peak   (Click on picture for a closer view)


Selukwe 1 : 50 000 scale map extract (combined from two)
Selukwe 1 : 50 000 scale map extract   (combined from two, click on map to expand)