Quirks and Quiddities

after the RBC radio programme on items of topical interest


Africa’s Role in Slavery –  How the white man finally ended Africa’s longstanding practice of slavery.

A Tale of Two Countries – A brief comparison between Singapore and Zimbabwe.

Western Guilt & Third World Poverty – Prof Bauer demonstrates that the West has brought undoubted benefits to the Third World

Harare among the worst cities to live. – The fine city of Salisbury, Rhodesia, has now, as Harare, been reduced to one of the worst places in the world to live according to the Economist.

Missile Attack on Civilian Airliner – A comparison of world reaction to the shooting down of a Malaysian and a Rhodesian airliner.

Eggardon Hill Farm, Vumba – Zimbabwe government confiscation not of empty land but of productive farms

Smith’s Rhodesia was better – “It was better under Smith” according to the Sunday Mail of Zimbabwe!

‘Comrade’ Doris Lessing – Attractive, dangerous and ruthless – per MI5

Zimbabwe squanders Rhodesian inheritance – Finance minister admits: ‘We’ve only got £138.34 in the bank’