Links to Rhodesia related sites

Rhodesian Services Association  – Excellent site based in New Zealand + Lion & Tusk Museum (don’t forget to donate!)

Bushcat Online  – John Edmond’s music website for all those who wish to enjoy the best Rhodesian songs.

LM Radio  –  The Happy Music Station is back with original “jingles” broadcasting from South Africa. Live stream here and with a sister station in LM (now Maputo) here.  Almost non-stop music from the 50s to the 90s.

Zimbabwe – a lesson in how to destroy Christian civilisation   – The “scars of colonialism” are mentioned frequently in modern discussion. However, it would only be fair to note that the most obvious scars of colonialism have included: roads, railways, bridges, schools, hospitals, churches, law courts, shops, written languages, medicines, the Gospel, the wheel and a host of other extremely helpful and important blessings. 

Msasa Enterprises   – producers of fine quality historic audio-visual material from the Central and Southern African region. The Msasa archive holds an extensive and growing collection of Rhodesian and South African media that is available to producers worldwide.

Dr JRT Wood  – Dr Richard Wood is probably the world’s leading historian on Rhodesian political and military history. Dr Wood is a Commonwealth Scholar, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and graduate of Rhodes and Edinburgh Universities.  Those who are interested will find tabs listing his books and some very readable on line articles which will give an in depth understanding of Rhodesia’s history from 1950-1980.  His latest work: Kwete – No! covering the years 1969-72 has recently been published. (see also Recommended Reading for this and Dr. Wood’s other books)

Rhodesians Worldwide  – Contact site and magazine for Rhodesians anywhere and everywhere.

ZimFieldGuide – If you decide to venture into modern day Zimbabwe, and especially if you wish to explore the historical sites dating back to the Rhodesian era, then this site provides a wealth of useful information.

Rinderpest eradication  – Students of African history may be interested to know that in 2011 Rinderpest (cattle plague) finally joined smallpox as a major disease which has been wiped from the face of the planet. The major outbreak in the 1890s killed 80 to 90 percent of all cattle in Southern Africa and, together with the withdrawal of most of the BSAP for the “Jameson Raid”, was a major contributory cause of the native rising in Rhodesia in 1896.

Beech V35A Bonanza (VP-WHM)  – An interesting and unique private aircraft conversion which provided ‘top cover’ for convoys, as well as a first strike aircraft for incidents in the West Nicholson / Beit Bridge area of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) during the Rhodesian Bush War in the late 1970s.

WANTED – to fill gaps in collection: Rhodesia / Africa Calls magazines, a couple missing from the early 60s, also, Rhodesian Scene and Rhodesian Commentary, a couple of each missing from 1960s & 70s + Rhodesian Annual – several missing. Please use the Contact form if you can help – many thanks, Colin


Some non-Rhodesia links

Climate – Natural Change for over 4 billion years! – I originally compiled this piece to give a degree of balance for the benefit of some local students researching the subject. I hope you may find it of interest.

Grave News about Glaciers – they are disappearing – For many years exact observations have been taken of the movements of glaciers in the Alps.  The results of last year’s records have just been published,

Oxford Duplication Centre – Highly recommended in the Thames Valley and beyond as first class digitisation, scanning and archive specialists working to preservation and Getty submission guidelines. They hold 5***** testimonials from Oxford University, the Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers Museums, Blenheim Palace, Oxford County Council and many private clients like me.

Journey to Ranikhet – an “off topic” personal page about a journey which I made in 2017 to visit the hill station of Ranikhet in northern India; the birthplace of my father AR (Bertie) Weyer.