A Merry Christmas to you.

Christmas Past – Christmas Pass 1974

And a Merry Christmas to you Madam.

Seasonal goodwill exhibited by a local resident in giving a policeman a lift up Christmas Pass (a cyclist’s nightmare to haunt the slumbers of Umtali policemen in Rhodesia’s eastern highlands and thus much appreciated by this African constable of the BSAP).

The pass, by which the main road from Salisbury leads through the hills immediately to the west of Umtali, was so named by a small party of pioneers who camped at the foot of the pass on Christmas Day 1890.

(Photo by Sebastian Winch)


Just to the south of Umtali lie the wonderful Vumba Mountains.

This painting by Marguerite Elizabeth (Daisy) Halford from 1932

titled “Vumba Road, Umtali” well conveys the lush nature of the Vumba:

The Mountains of the Mist.

This is one of my favourite parts of the country and

you can see a number of my own photos of the Vumba on my Gallery page.