What’s New – Recently added (latest first):

Life as lived in the 1920s – How life was lived in town and country

Face of Rhodesia – A 20 minute film about Rhodesia.

La Rhodésie – en Français

Goeie Bure – ‘n artikel oor Rhodesië vanaf 1966 vir Afrikaans sprekers

A Tale of Two Countries – A brief comparison between Singapore and Zimbabwe

Geological Map of Rhodesia 1965 at 1 : 2 500 000 scale (on Maps Page)

Rhodesian patriotic Songs – this page is still being developed

Kwete – No!  The latest book by Dr. Richard Wood covering the years 1969-1972 explains what really went on behind the scenes! (see Recommended Reading for this and Dr. Wood’s other books)

Rhodesia’s Case – 1970

The Voice of the Tribes – Rhodesia’s Chiefs

Rhodes some appreciations – an update prompted by vilifications in Cape Town, on the BBC and recently even by an African beneficiary of a Rhodes Scholarship!

New maps – Inyangani, Juliasdale and Rusape at 1 : 50 000 scale + AA map of South West Africa (all half way down the page)

AA Road Report from the RBC – posted via YouTube

In The Beginning – an account by Peter Hardwicke of his family’s trek to Rhodesia in the early 1890s.

Attractive, dangerous and ruthless: MI5’s verdict on ‘Comrade’ Doris Lessing

African Life in Rhodesia by Lawrence Chaza

The “PM Show” – RBC General Service from April 1976 – 1½ hours of radio nostalgia! (new programme near bottom of page)

Mazoe – transformation from empty fever-ridden wilderness to highly productive farming estates

Rhodesians send their heartfelt sympathies to the victims and families of those affected by the Charleston murders

No change to sad news story two years on

Victoria Falls and David Livingstone

Miscellany from Northern Rhodesia

The Now Sound / Jacaranda Jukebox with Toni Fairfield. Great music to go with your braai – (end of page)

A selection of stirring Rhodesian Marches – (end of page)

How to start a new country – Pioneer Travel in early Rhodesia

Missile attack on civilian airliner

A Piece of my Mind

Ordinary Africans say: “It was better under Smith”

Recommended reading

Sir Godfrey Huggins with link to feature article

Advancement in African Housing