Introduction – Rhodesia in Brief

A People’s Progress – An 80 year progress report showing how Rhodesia uplifted its African population 1890 – 1970

Advancement in African Housing

The New Environment – A new lifestyle for the urban African

How Bulawayo cares for its African population

African Life in Rhodesia by Lawrence Chaza

Challenge and Achievement – Encouraging SELF-HELP in Rhodesia’s traditional tribal areas

Golden Dawn – Rhodesia’s Future, Sabi-Limpopo Authority report: 1 million acres under irrigation to produce food for all

Statistics – from Monthly Digest of Statistics April 78 & March 79

Population Estimates by Broad Ethnic Group

Population of Main Towns ~ Births and Deaths

National Income ~ Gross Domestic Product by Industry

Expenditure on GNP ~ Gross Fixed Capital Formation

Central Government Budget Account

Central Government Budget Account Expenditure by Votes

Electrical Energy Produced and Distributed

Towns and Cities and Places of Interest in Rhodesia – more to come


Fort Victoria







Victoria Falls

Colourful Place Names of Rhodesia

Maps – an extensive collection including the whole country at 1:250 000 scale.

Find the village, farm, mine or mission where you or your family lived!

Rhodesia – main towns and communications – 1973

AA Road Map of Rhodesia 1975

Rhodesia Physical Relief Map 1973 – scale 1:1 000 000

Rhodesia Land Tenure Map 1974 – scale 1:1 000 000

Rhodesia – Major Dams – 1977

Inyanga Tourist Map 1: 63,360 or 1 Inch to 1 Mile

Street Map of Greater Salisbury

Extract of Salisbury district from 1909 mapping of Rhodesia at 1: 500 000 scale

Pioneer Road from 1895 map of Rhodesia at 1: 1 000 000 scale

Extract of Bulawayo district from 1897 map of Rhodesia at 1: 1 000 000 scale

Extract of Salisbury district from 1897 map of Rhodesia at 1: 1 000 000 scale

Southern Rhodesia 1927 at 1 : 1 000 000 scale

Ministry of Roads and Road Traffic – Maintenance Map 1977/78

Geological Map of Rhodesia 1965 at 1 : 2 500 000 scale

AA of Rhodesia Map of Malawi

AA of Rhodesia Map of Moçambique (Mozambique) 1973

AA of Rhodesia Map of Botswana 1976

AA of Rhodesia Map of South West Africa 1974

Map of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, 1962

Rhodesia – Physical / Altitude – 1973 (small scale map)

Major Tribal Groupings in Rhodesia

1923 map of the Rhodesias – showing railway and telegraph lines

1 : 250 000 scale maps – full set of 32 listed from north to south.

Mana Pools


Bumi Hills



Mt. Darwin


Copper Queen




Victoria Falls


Que Que










Fort Victoria



West Nicholson



Beit Bridge



Eastern Highlands of Rhodesia 1929 mapping at 1 : 250 000 scale

1 : 50 000 scale maps – more to come




Fort Victoria





Lake Mac








Vumba & Banti

Gallery – over 100 Hi Res Photographs by Colin Weyer – more to come

RBC – Radio Recordings by Colin Weyer – more to come

“Making for Midnight” from the General Service 11th November 1977

Music at Sundowner Time from the General Service 17th April 1976

Saturday Scene from Radio Jacaranda 9th September 1978

The “PM Show” – Saturday night music show from the General Service 17th April 1976

Rhodesian Patriotic Songs

Richard Woodcroft’s Rhodesia

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Lion Dog of Rhodesia

Rhodesia in the context of history

The White Man’s Burden – a poem by Rudyard Kipling

Royal Charter of the British South Africa Company 1889

Southern Rhodesia Order in Council 1898 – The 1898 Constitution

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How to start a new country – Pioneer Travel in early Rhodesia

In The Beginning – an account of a trek to Rhodesia in the early 1890s.

Pioneer Days

Road Travel in Rhodesia

Cameos from Early Rhodesian History – an account of the settling of Rhodesia’s eastern border.

Rhodes – The Man.  by some who knew him personally

The early 1900s

Cameos from the Twenties and Thirties

Life as lived in the 1920s

Stand-To Rhodesia!   For King and Empire

For Posterity – Some of the Southern Rhodesia Volunteers 1899-1902

A selection of stirring Rhodesian Marches:

Nkhwazi – Regimental March of the Northern Rhodesia Police

Poyamba – Regimental March of the 1st Bn. King’s African Rifles in Nyasaland

Tilikuyenda – Regimental March of the 2nd Bn. King’s African Rifles

Sweet Banana – Regimental March of the Rhodesian African Rifles

Kum-A-Kye – Regimental March of the British South Africa Police

The Federal Years 1953-1963

Map of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nysaland, 1962 at 1 : 2 500 000 scale

Rhodesian Leaders – Members of Parliament etc

Sir Godfrey Huggins – a feature article from 1951

Parliamentary Government

Southern Rhodesia Order in Council 1898 – The 1898 Constitution

BSAC Royal Charter of 1889

The Voice of the Tribes – Rhodesia’s Chiefs

A Letter to the Times of London

Independence Constitution & Franchise

Rhodesia’s Case – 1970

A Piece of my Mind by Lord Graham

Hard WORK made Rhodesia

Anatomy of Terror The End – How Mugabe came to power (not for the squeamish – but true never-the-less)

Eulogy by the Very Rev. John da Costa – from the service following the Viscount Hunyani atrocity

Rhodesia Unafraid – 1977 report from Father Arthur Lewis

Bloody Love – Churches aid terrorism

A Tale of Two Countries – A brief comparison between Singapore and Zimbabwe

Goeie Bure – ‘n artikel oor Rhodesië vanaf 1966 vir Afrikaans sprekers

La Rhodésie – en Français

Quirks and Quiddities – notes on items of topical interest; latest update June 2015:

                    Rhodesians send their heartfelt sympathies to the victims and families of those affected by the Charleston murders

Eulogy by the Very Rev. John da Costa from the Viscount memorial service held in Salisbury Cathedral.

Western Guilt and Third World Poverty by Prof Peter Bauer 1981

Missile attack on civilian airliner

Harare still a worse place to live than Tripoli!

“Smith’s Rhodesia was better” – Sunday Mail  Zimbabwe October 2013

Zimbabwe squanders Rhodesian inheritance – official!

Spitfire. The Pursuit of a Dream – Jack Malloch (link to YouTube)

Miscellany from Northern Rhodesia

The Campbell-Morrison Land Case – Eggardon Hill Farm

Links to some sites of Rhodesian interest

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