Rhodesian Patriotic Songs

Possibly most famous of all Rhodesian singers and songwriters is John Edmond. John has described this site as “very interesting and impressive” and has kindly consented to the posting of a selection of music from some of his CDs such as the Centenary and Troopie Songs albums to which he has the copyright.

This page is still under construction and will include a representative selection of John Edmond’s music as well as some others.

As only a limited number of tracks will be posted, I would recommend that those interested should visit John’s own music site:

Bushcat Online or go direct to his music shop where there is a full selection of CDs available for purchase.

With reference to my For King and Empire page, John has written:

“I note that you also mention the Anglo Boer War. Maybe you are not aware that I have spent the last 7 years researching and documenting the Boer Wars and battlefields in song. I have 3 albums out “The Boer War in Song”, “Songs of the African Battlefields” and “Boer and Brit Battlefield Heroes” On the first Boer War In Song album I have a number called “ The Siege of Elands River” where Rhodesian forces made one of the most heroic stands in that war. (quoted by Genl. Smuts) – there is also a video out on YouTube.

On my web site you can also listen to snippets of some of the Boer War albums songs from the “listen” page. However it is taking the “Battlefields by storm” I have in fact been to Dundee to do 3 concerts, performing every night the songs of the various Battlefields visited by tour guide Nicki Von Der Heyde.  (all this as a matter of interest). Not enough people out there are aware of the history of our country and the involvement of the Rhodesians in the said wars.”