Prosperous Midlands Town


Gatooma is the centre of a rich mining and agricultural district.  It obtained municipal status in 1917. It lies at an altitude of 1 162m and its population at the 1969 census totalled 20 940 of which 1 879 were Europeans and 18 740 were African.  Fabric weaving on a large commercial scale, based on the locally grown cotton, is an important industry.

Speck's Hotel, Gatooma 1919

Speck's Hotel in 1919


Mail train at Gatooma Station 1919

Mail train at Gatooma Station, 1920


Gatooma Post Office and War Memorial in 1926

Above: A view of the post office and war memorial in 1926.


Gatooma in 1940

A view of Edward Street, as in the next photo, taken 25 years later.

Note how the newly planted trees have grown since!

Gatooma - Golden Jubilee celebrations 1967

In 1967 the town celebrated its golden jubilee as a municipality.

The picture, taken from the tower of the Town House, shows a flypast of R.R.A.F. aircraft

over a Guard of Honour provided by the Rhodesia Light Infantry. 

(Click on the picture for a larger image)


Town House - Gatooma

The Town House facing Edward Street.


Hill and Paddon's general store Gatooma showing grocery dept in 1912

Hill and Paddon's general store Gatooma, showing grocery dept in 1912


Gatooma promotional advert 1919

Gatooma promotional advert 1919.

(Scheelite is an ore of tungsten)

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